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I have installed a clean vista an I did immediatly the windows 7 update, the PC was running fine till I was doing updates and install the windows updates. The PC was just freezing when making a restore point. My keyboard, mouse, ... all not working, it seems that these pheripals have also no power anymore.

I fixed the problem with the updates by setting up to make no restore point when doing updates.

But then Windows 7 freezes sometimes when I was visiting facebook or other websites. I tought it was the GRAKA and I download the newest drivers for the ATI RADEON HD 4890 but also with no succes.

I plugged out the ethernet cable and install the updates of windows that were downloaded, and I setup again to create a restore point when installing updates, and then without ethernet cable it was working like a train.

Now, today a PC whitout internet is not serious so can somebody help me with this problem?

Motherboard: GA-P55-UD3P/R with a RTL8111D chip (10/100/1000 Mbit )
CPU : Intel CORE I5


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Try opening up the Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc) and check for any errors or warnings about the time you have these problems. Maybe something will show up.

The PC did not start freezing until you did some Windows Updates? Did it freeze during the updates?

Have you restarted, some updates have a process they have to go through and need a restart to finish.

I was viewing the eventviewer yesterday and I saw there was a problem wit atikmdag, I updated my VideoCard and the problem of the atikmdag was solved.

No when I watch the eventviewer there is only an error for shuting down the system on a wrong way, wich is normal because I pusht the power button.

He was hanging when he was making a restore point for installing the windows updates. I reset the PC with the reset button ofcourse, and then he wasn't starting, he hangs on the windows starting screen, I pushed again on the reset button and again he was hanging on the windows starting screen. Then I pushed the power button and restart the computer and then he was starting normal.

I have immediatly installed the updates again( with the ethernet cable pluged in ) and then he was running trough the making of a restore point. The big problem is that I don't know when he freeze. It just random...


I was installing software and he just freeze at the begin of the install, keyboard light and mouse light went of and there is the "screenshot" on my monitor again :s

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