Freeze during installation

I have bought the full version of Vista Home Premium and i want to install it by booting with the DVD.
The DVD is detected and starts loading the files needed for the install. However, when the loading is done and the white
"stripe" has reached the end, my computer freezes. My first thought was that the firmware in my dvd recorder was too old, but this proved not to be the case(i even went to the store and bought a new dvd-recorder!). I then tried to remove/relocate some of my memory, but that didn't help me either. Does anyone know what causes this issue and how to fix it?

Thx in advance!


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Hi Tiny,

could you post your pc stats please with as much detail as possible..

hi again, thanks for your reply!
strangest thing.. i managed to get it installed somehow, after many tries it finally started the installation process. however now i got another problem, the machine has gone into a reboot loop. instead of loading vista and showing me the green loading bar the computer reboots. any ideas?


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Well, it could one of many things really.. Try booting into 'safe mode' and then running a chkdsk.
If that fails, remove all but one stick of RAM and then try to boot again. If it does then you know its the RAM at fault..

This is my first post and i just joined today. I just built a gaming machine for myself and I'm getting blue screen as well when trying to install vista ultimate(64 bit) w/sp1. The install gets to 57% before I get this error. I am new to Vista, so for the past few days i have been reading most of the posts. I went into the Bios and have changed to default and then back to optimized. I like kemicals ideal of switching the ram or just leaving one in. I have been building computers since the 80's and I do think it is a hardware issue of some kind not sure what though.
I'm doing a new install on new hard drive. I normally don't mess with the Bios, but I have upgraded to the newest Bios version and still the problem still exists. All of this hardware is brand new from Newegg.
Any Suggestions or Ideals feel free to comment on maybe a solution. Most of the posts that I have read, I can tell that you people are very knowledgeable on Vista.

The error says cache_manager please disable caching or shadowing.
stop:0x000000034 (0x000000000005077c,0xfffffa600239f918,0xfffffa600239f2f0,xfffff8000a466ba8)

Computer Specs:
GA-EP45-DS4p v.1.0 motherboard
Intel Quad 6600
Crucial/Ballistic pc2 8500 DDR2 gaming Ram.
2 WD 3.0 sata 640gb
Saffire HD4870
Thermatek 700W Power supply
Vista Ultimate w/SP1 OEM


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Hi Kibler and welcome to the forum....:)

first of all, thankyou for providing the information you posted as this makes everyones life a lot easier...
On new builds make sure all hardware is seated properly (obvious I know but it's easy done)

Your error message relates to memory cache or shadow cache... After googling your error the only message I could find with the time allowed (sorry in a rush) is to go through your bios and disable memory options such as caching or shadowing..
As you stated above RAM is best tested individually. Using the link provided test RAM (if you can).
Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

Lastly for now, are you having to provide a driver for your SATA disks? If so, just make sure they are the correct versions...
Please let the forum know of your progress.. :)

Hi, Kemical now that you mention it, I tried raid 0 and raid1 they formatted through Bios with no problems.
I downloaded new drivers for my motherboard and put on usb drive. During install Vista wouldn't let me install sata or raid drivers.Vista sees the raid drive?


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Vista does recognise some RAID set-ups (although as luck would have it, not and so doesn't need the driver straight away.
I know Intel has recently updated their RAID drivers to: Version click to download..

You don't say how much RAM you have installed but if it's four sticks try taking two out whilst you install the os or just swap them around as this sometimes works...

Kimical here is my Ram I purchased - Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Desktop Memory

Here is my Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS4P LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard - Intel Motherboards

It looks like the ram I is only 1066, motherboard says 1200 standard.
Maybe I need to buy better ram?

I only the 2 1gb. sticks installed, right now i just took one out and trying to install.
I have a red light that stays on in motherboard until bios has reached post then goes away.
I need to get OS install so i can load new drivers loaded. Then it might settle down.
I sent you links so you could look at specs for me. This mobo has dual Bios.
I'm a old bastard learning new tricks

Update: Good news by taken 1 stick ram allowed me to finally get vista 64 bit installed.
Not out of the woods yet, Kimical you think I could overclock ram too 1200 and it might work or should i buy new ram?


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Hi Kibler,

much thanks for the info and great news on the install. :)

I actually checked your RAM last night and it is compatible. If you go here:
GIGABYTE - Product - Motherboard - Overview - GA-EP45-DS4P (rev. 1.0)

Thats your board and if you check the memory support list, 8500 is supported. You may have a bad stick of RAM, even though it's brand new, it's possible to buy bad RAM.
If you check the sticks following the instructions I gave above then you should be able to determine whats what...

My wife bought the ram from newegg for Christmas so I think I'm past my 30 return policy?
So Ibought this one last night
Thanks for your professional help, you got instant messenger.....I would like to chat with you about windows 7 beta too see how you like over Vista?


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If the RAM is bad I'm sure newegg will replace it as they are an excellent company. The RAM you've bought looks fine and just the job.

As for messenger, I don't use it although if you any questions about 7 you can send me a pm no problem... :)

Update: Ram was definitely the problem I was having with the blue screen errors during installation of vista 64bit.
GA- E45P- DS4P motherboard has alot of settings in the bios and I recommend to use another computer to help with installation process. i could only get to 57% on installation and then blue screen.
I hope that any of this information helps anyone who is having similar issues.
I want thank kemical for helping me figure out what the hardware issue. I purchased new ram and it fixed the issue .The computer is now stable and wicked fast!!!


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Great news!

Thanx for the kind words...
Glad to see your now up and running with a nice fast pc....:)

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