Windows 8 Freeze


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Oct 6, 2011
For a pre-Beta, Win 8 is impressive, but it freezes after a period of time - often while in media player.

The O/S has been clean installed, over installed and refresh installed repeatedly. Search is disabled via services.msc. Live tiles and various contact-the-net or sharing options are also disabled.

After the last refresh (from ISO CD), the system ran well for over a day, then stalled after about 90 minutes of WMP play. When this occurs the mouse is still active and a few items will respond to clicks. Most don't.

Often after a freeze, but not always, the NTFS file system on partition 1 (W8) as well as that on partition 2 (files) are corrupt. A second drive (W7) suffers the same fate. I.E.: the freeze hoses everything.

Event Viewer offers nothing that seems to be related. Suggestions and thoughts welcomed.

Don't use WMP. There is evidently a bug in it. I have not seen the problem, but then again I do not use my PC to listen to music. Have you tried a different music player? There are many available. Since I do not listen to music I can not recommend any but perhaps someone else might.

Thanks Ted.
There have been episodes of "not responding" from various apps and 30' (or so) hangs from time to time, but I cannot recall whether there was an outright freeze, as described here, when WMP was not in use.

I'll give it a test with Media Player Classic instead.

The only time mine froze was in a failure to wake from sleep properly. At this time I had to do a hard power recycle which did wonders for my HD, both OSs. Thank God for Images. I have since changed my power settings so that sleep and screen off occur at the same time. This seems to have fixed my problem. This is a beta OS so I would expect problems. Unfortunately my situation is such that I have to set up a dual boot scenario (laptop) as it's not nearly as easy to swap out HDs with different OSs.

I hear you.^_^

A recent W8 over-install failed, wiping out the ability to boot into any drive. Because it was out-of-date, the DOS rescue disk wouldn't see the back up images. A reinstall of the O/S and images looked to be in store - but the system's emergency restore eventually succeeded after three tries.

Imaging software is THE wisest purchase I have ever made.

This is a beta OS so I would expect problems.

PRE-beta. ^ We can eliminate WMP as the cause of the freeze. Took about four hours, running Media Player Classic...and exactly the same result. Freeze, with corruption of the NTFS on both hard drives (W7 and W8). I am out of ideas, except to await the next release.