Freezes, BSoD, and now nothing

Don't know if this is the right spot for this thread, or if I should have started a new one. I was working on fixing the BSoD problems I had, here is the link to that thread.

I had also been getting a few freezes of the system but wanted to take care of the BSoD first. Now I think they might be related. Anyways just got a few of them and now I can't get my computer to post an image. It powers up but nothing happens, so I can't run any tests or figure anything out. I got it to go into windows once, but it froze and had to be restarted after a couple minutes.

What should I do?

What should I do if I can get back into windows?


Edit: Just got in to Windows, restarted by itself twice, then BSoD, told me to run CHKDSK /F

Then restarted manually (I have it checked so I do this) and it ran startup repair, then it just went blank on me again.

I will try to get dump logs but it isn't looking good.

Can I run CHKDSK in Safe Mode?

Edit again: Now it is just stuck saying "Loading ASUS Express Gates

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I think the Asus Express Gates are related to a bios setting, you might check if that needs to be enabled or not.

You can run chkdsk from safe mode and you can also run it after booting into the Windows DVD or WinRE (Repair Environment)

But it really does not sound good. Seems like something is breaking down, possibly a hard drive. I think you are past dump files and into hardware repair. But you never know for sure, until you do...

Ran CHKDSK on my C: Drive which is a 60G OCZ SSD. Was so fast I couldnt read anything. Went into Event Viewer and the only thing it said was "winlogon GPClient was unavailable to handle the notification event"


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Well, I found this in one of my motherboard manuals.

ASUS Express Gate is a unique instant-on environment that provides quick access to the internet browser and Skype
It may be coming up because you cannot get into the normal Windows, I just do not know for sure.

Have you run any virus checks?

Can you get into Safe Mode?

Virus checks are good(ran with Symantec). Ran chkdsk on both drives but I don't know what I should be looking for? Only warnings are what I posted above. That is from "application" In system there is a whole bunch of red error signs. Help please


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If you are in Windows you need to run the System File Checker. Open an Administrative command prompt and type sfc /scannow and let us know if it finds files it cannot replace. To open an Administrative command prompt, use Winkey and type cmd, then CTRL+SHIFT+Enter.

If you have not already backed up your files, I would suggest you do that whenever you are in Windows.

Did you set up the SSD as independent, or as a helper for another hard drive? What steps did you take to set it up (trim, etc.)?

I do know certain types of software, like the Intel Smart Response Sata option, need at least a certain bios update to work correctly.

For now, since the folks in the BSOD forum are the most knowledgeable, all I can suggest is you go through the Event logs and see if anything shows up in a persistent manner. Don't worry about the Kernel power errors since they are usually caused by the problem. I have never seen the error you mention, but I am researching.

But it still looks like you need to get ready for a reinstall, or possibly a replacement drive.

Edit: Did you load Symantec after the problems started? Do you know what the EraserUtilRebootDrv.sys does since the name seems to indicate it might be involved.

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Sorry, I am at work all day and wont be able to run tests or anything.
-I have had Symantec on it from day 1, just uninstalled it and put on Windows security essentials to stop the BSoD (still does)
-I don't know what you mean by helper drive? The SSD is my C: drive and only get programs and the OS loaded on it, I have a 2TB HDD for my storage.
-I tried updating my BIOS yesterday but my ASUS EZ Flash wouldn't recognize my Flash drive, trying to figure out the next way to do it
-I can't remember exactly what I did to set up my SSD but, I did try to optimize it setting such as following guides like this. I can check it again and make sure those settings are there.

Thanks and is there an easy way to tell if it is HDD/SSD or the motherboard? Don't want to replace either but I can live with replacing HDD, the Mobo on the other hand...

Sorry, finally got to sit down and get to work on the PC. I ran sfc /scannow and it said it did not find any integrity violations. I am going to try to flash my bios.
I realized I didnt put my SF Diagnostics on this thread so here it is if that helps.
Thank you and hopefully some one can tell me what to do next

View attachment Seven

Don't know if this means anything, but sometimes I will restart it or boot it up and it is running but there is no image on the monitor. Just a beep that the BIOS is starting then nothing. I have to power on power off a few times to get it to work.
Just got a "Bad BIOS Checksum. Starting BIOS recovery"
CD-rom not found!
Checking for USB device
USB device found
Reading file M4A89GU3.ROM
File M4A89GU3.ROM not found on USB Device! (Which it is, but it hasn't been able to see it)
What now?

Edit again:
Loaded stock BIOS disck ran that, and then for giggles tried EZ flash and low and behold it registered so I am now running the most current non beta BIOS I believe it is version 2301. And restarted and froze again

Now what should I do?

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If the bios is acting up, you may need a new battery...

I would download a Linux live CD and run on that for a while to check your system.

I might be a little concerned for the CPU. If you were to decide to replace it, you might get a cheap one for testing.

You have already checked your memory, the Power Supply should be big enough. There hard drive should not cause a bios problem. Not much else left, the motherboard or CPU, as far as I can tell.

Well was trying to get the dump logs this morning and couldn't even get into safe mode, then last time I tried powering on nothing and just a long continuous beep (I didn't hear any other short beeps with it). I can't find what that means either, its not in the manual. I looked and most of the time people seem to be having issues with graphics cards not being plugged in correctly but I am using onboard video. I was then able to boot up into normal Windows twice. I posted my new dump log as well

View attachment Mini

Thank you ahead of time

Replaced CMOS battery. Haven't had any problems. Ran speed fan and it said my idle CPU was at 29c and under load (handbrake) it shot up to 56c. Doesn't that seem a little hot?
Thank you

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I would say 132° F is a little warm, but I would have to check the specs on the processor. I think mine runs around 95° F and maybe the lower 100s.

There should be a setting in the bios you can set for an alarm. There is a possibility the temp is not being read correctly.

Did you say you put this machine together? It wouldn't hurt to go get some thermal compound just in case you need it. If you want to replace or redo the CPU installation, we can work on that.

Are you sure nothing is blocking the fan from turning or the airflow?

Just to be sure I am reading this right on Coretemp it read about 50-55c while running prime95. Got the same reading from speedfan with Core being 55, but CPU at like 61 sometimes.

I did put this together myself. I am also 99% sure I put Arctic 5 on the CPU and heatsink. If you think I need to I can take off the fan and sink and check, but I am pretty sure it is on there.

Nothing is blocking the fan I have been watching from an open box. Only cord that goes across it is the Northbridge? Pin connector. Air flows straight out a vent in the side of the tower.

How reliable is Speedfan's SMART readouts cause they said my HDD is fine but my SSD/C: drive is not good.

Is there a test I can do to make sure it is the SSD drive or so I can prove to OCZ to get an RMA?
Thanks for all the help Saltgrass


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If I was looking at the correct CPU, and you might want to check, it looks like the max temp is 62° C. Maybe someone running an AMD processor would give you a better answer, or maybe check the overclockers site to see if they know, or AMD forum...

I can't really help with Speedfan, but it can only read what the sensors tell it.

As far as the SSD, most drive manufacturers have some utility to test the drive just to keep from having unnecessary returns. Maybe they or a forum for them will know. If the processor is running hot, it could have been causing corruption, or possibly the problem with the bios was involved. If it is close to the end of a warranty, maybe do something a little sooner, but you might give it some time to see if it settles out. Windows 7 does have a self-healing utility that cleans up drives during down times, and I think it is in addition to TRIM. Bluescreens can also corrupt data.

I just got an SSD two days ago and I like it so far.

Put it all together about a year ago so I have some time. I will let it run for a while and see whats going on. I have read that these drives have had some problems but I will see. I love the SSD for loading programs it is great.

I have to go out of town until Sun. So I won't have any updates but than you for all of your help so far.

So things were ok for a while but then BSOD started up again and just too busy to do anything right away. Have been getting them more now and at one point powered up after a random shut down to here a long continous cycle of beeps. Was not one long beep, but just non stop beeping and it hung on the setup screen.

I have ran speedfan and coretemp while handbrake and got it up to 59C but nothing happened until after I stopped Handbrake, then it shut down. I have ordered a Cooler Master 212 + to hopefully help out with temps. Any ideas on how to check any of this out?

I will also be getting in touch with OCZ's tech help when I have time.

This is the most recent SF Diagnostic tool readouts I made. Hope this helps and thank you for your help.


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