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Windows 7 Freezes every other boot


New Member
May 4, 2009
That one puzzles me.

Install of RC started from Vista but clean install
- freezes at first reboot
- reboot safe mode continues
- next reboot works ok
- next reboot freezes
- reboot safe mode succeed to boot but failed to continue setup because cannot be done in safe mode
- normal reboot, works fine

Install is finished.
Until then I assumed it was a driver problem. But now all drivers seems ok. No yellow marks.

And still every other reboot freezes - very early in boot process almost soon as the 4-color motif is completed. This is a hard freeze which require a reset button use. Then restarting the exact same way works. (I do not use the Repair option it proposed).

Motherboard is K9N Platinum, chipset is the MCP570Ultra, windows 7 driver are more recent than latest from nVidia so I did not downgraded them.

PS: was same problem in beta but I assumed it was due to being still beta back then.
The Windows 7 drivers may be more recent but that doesn't mean they are always the right one's to use.. until 7 is in final form some of the drivers might just not work right ;).. It might not hurt to try the latest available Vista one's and see if it makes a difference at all.. ;) (Just remember to uninstall the Win 7 one's before installing the Vista one's.. :)