Freezing after start up.


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I bought a Dell Inspiron Laptop about a month ago. Recently it has been freezing right after start up.

I enter my password and everything loads (task bar & dock) and everything seems fine. But when I try to open something from the dock or start menu, nothing happens. For example I would click on the Fire Fox icon on the dock and it won't open. I click on it again and that's when it freezes up but it only freezes the dock. Like it won't show the name of the application when you put your cursor on it and clicking other icons doesn't do anything. If I click the start icon nothing would happen and the task bar freezes. If I use "ctrl, alt, del" nothing happens.

After a few minutes Windows Security pops up saying my computer is at risk because no fire wall is turned on. I click on the check status and it opens up my McAfee virus program and I have to manually turn on the Real Time Scanning. Then everything that I clicked prior to freezing opens up. After that everything runs normally.

This happens every time I turn on or restart the computer.

Now I might know why this happens but I can't be sure. Recently I tried to download a Key Gen for an Adobe software via bittorent and needless to say it was littered with viruses. Since then I have used MalwareBytes, Ad-aware, and McAfee to scan and remove the viruses. There was quite a few in the initial scan but all was quarantined and removed.

After this problem started there was 2 times when it didn't freeze. I did scans (found 2 infected registries or something) with the different programs prior to that so I think that's why. But since then I have downloaded maybe 2 movie files (files played with no problems) and the freezing problem started again. My past 3 scans of Malwarebytes showed nothing infected but the problem still remain.

What else could be causing this problem?

If I restore the system to its factory state (using the built in function), would it resolve this problem. I don't mind doing this since the computer is pretty new and I don't have any files that need backing up.

Would restoring factory state make it like if it is brand new or will there be a log recorded that says I have restored it factory state? My old old computer had to be restored a few times and each time it created a separate user thing? Not sure what the correct term was.

And of course I should stop downloading stuff

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