Freezing graphics problem...

Hi all, I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit edition with NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics card. In the past few weeks, I have experienced blank (black) screens upon resumption from hibernate, sleep, or upon restart. The CPU is running (can hear the fan etc.) but the screen is blank after the initial "ASUS" logo, the "loading windows" screen, the log-in screen, or entirely blank. Sometimes things work fine--hibernate/sleep/wake works, but other times it takes several starts for a normal resumption into Windows 7. Also, at times while in Windows 7, the screen will freeze (most often when clicking around in Windows Media Center, and when the program is fullscreen). A few times after freezing there will be a BlueScreen notice. The dump files are here: folder/

Most of the time though there isn't a minidump file generated and the event viewer doesn't say much. Also sometimes Windows 7 would give a message "NVIDIA kernel mode driver stopped responding at node ##.## and has successfully recovered" which may have to do with the "nvlddmkm" driver.

I tried disabling the graphics card in Safe Mode, and after that the computer starts normally and doesn't freeze, but of course all higher graphics functions are inactive as well as sleep/hibernate.

I also disinstalled the associated "NVIDIA graphics control panel" driver and restarted, upon when it re-installed automatically. But reactivating the graphics card still leads to the occasional freezing problem. According to my manufacturer's site (ASUS) the driver I have is the latest for this system. The NVIDIA site has more updated drivers but they do not support Intel hybrid systems, which I believe applies in my case ("Super Hybrid Engine").

I'm wondering what to do--evidently something is leading the graphics card to behave erratically and the system to freeze or show blank screen upon startup/wake/etc. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

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I have a simmilar problem. But, I have a NVIDIA 8500 gt and I can't make it work. I have download it all kind of drivers and the problem persist. I installed the graphic card in other PC with XP and it works fine, so I think the problem is Win7 and my graphic card.

Update: I managed to stop the freezing/startup issues, for over a week now with regular frequent computer use. What did I do? Disable the motherboard "Power on by PCI Devices" setting that I turned on for Wake-on-LAN. I turned it on a few weeks prior to the graphics startup issues. Initially, the only problem I'd have was the computer waking up several times a day without my commanding it to. But then it progressed to failures in the midst of startup. Anyhow, I turned off the Wake-on-LAN capability and since then the computer has turned on, restarted, hibernated, and gone to sleep without incident on a daily basis for over a week. So it seems that there was some incompatibility with the Wake-on-LAN capability, I'm guessing. I have no idea how the PCI Devices wake capability + the graphics card led to this freezing, but turning off Wake-on-LAN has helped.

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