Freezing on startup, new computer fresh install

Just put together a brand new computer, Windows installed fine (running x64 bit Ultimate), everything loaded up fine the first time. Then I installed the driver and utility for my network card, and everything seemed fine til I got an internet connection, at which point it froze, and the only fix is a restart. Now every time it boots it freezes, sometimes within 10 seconds of starting, sometimes it doesn't make it past the "Welcome" screen and it'll just freeze. Haven't gotten to use my new machine for more than 20 seconds at a time, extremely annoying. In safe mode there doesn't seem to be a problem, I've had it on for more than 20 mins and it's been fine. Does anyone know where I can start looking to fix this? I've been struggling with this thing for 3 days and I'm running out of ideas. Here's the specs:

  • Intel DP55KG Motherboard
  • Intel Core i7 875K Processor
  • OCZ OCZ3G1333LV8GK Gold 8GB PC10666 DDR3 Dual Channel Memory
  • Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB Hard Drive (OEM)
  • Ultra X4 750-Watt Modular Power Supply
  • Radeon 5770 1GB

I don't have one yet. It's just exactly what I said, I installed the drivers for my mobo and network card, and thats it. I'm trying to install the video card drivers but I can't in safe mode and that's the only way I can run the machine without it crashing in 10 seconds.

Alright. OCZ memory typically needs higher vdimm (voltage). Use CPU-Z to find out which exact precise modules you have installed. Then visit OCZ's website to find the correct vdimm voltage setting and timings. Adjust your motherboard bios accordingly by hand using this information.

This should do the trick.

Edit: Ya here. Set the vdimm manually to 1.65v and the timings to 9-9-9-20.


OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 8GB Gold Edition OCZ Technology

I'll try that next, I had adjusted the voltage as soon as it got through POST the first time to 1.65 which is what it says on the ram, but I'll double check. I just tried booting in safe mode with networking for the first time, and as I assumed it froze just like booting normally. So regular safe mode seems like its the only thing that's working properly, I have a feeling it's something network related. Is there any known problems like that?

EDIT: It reverted back to 1.50V, I reset it to 1.65. The timings were already correct. I booted it up normal, it worked for about 30 seconds. I went to install my video card drivers and it froze again

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Try booting with only one stick of RAM installed. If it runs ok then take that stick out and try with another. If you come across a stick which reproduces the problem then there's your problem stick. Even though it's brand new it's entirelly possible to buy bad RAM.

I'd also check your system Bios, is it the latest version?

When I was checking on things before, I noticed your board has a very new bios available. Might help flashing to that and also running Memtest86+ overnight, then on each stick separately if successful.

You could also type msinfo32 in the start menu while in safe mode. Hit enter. Then file | save on the opened screen. Get it to another pc somehow (usb stick, floppy etc...) then zip or rar it. Attach to a post and we can look at some things this way.


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If you are in Safe Mode, try disabling the network adapter in Device Manager.

You were updating your Motherboard and Network drivers for what reason and where did you get those drivers? I do normally upgrade mine if there are Win 7 drivers available from the manufacturer.

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