Windows 7 freezing system


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May 22, 2009
Hello Everybody.I got a Windows 7 build 7100.RC candidate.
And I have a small problem. Sometimes my computer freeze, Like for a 2-3 minutes reading hard drive, and I cannot do nothing!Is doing almost every 30 minuters sometimes.So crazy! I have automatic defragmentation off, indexing service off,system restore off.Antivir none, I don't understand what can be doing this.My computer is Advent 8117,Intel Dual core 1.73 Ghz,2 Gb ram, and Intel 943 GML 256 mb graphic card. Thank you very much for any tips.. Cheers guys.

Thats good, but men, is not gone to help me, and you either.Any ideas ?
System Freezes with Win 7 32 bit

MY OS: 32 bit Dell Dimension 8400 single core 3.4 ghz with hyper threading and a 925 chipset. 4 gb ram, NVIDIA 6800 w/256 ram, Gig ethernet card. Always defraged, no viruses and spyware protected etc...

I too am experiencing the system lagging at all times. When I select a program or try to go to my "Favorites" listings, I can hear my CPU fan spinning faster then slowing down...once it slows down, I'm able to continue on but not until then.

Almost acts like not enough memory is installed even though I have 4gigs installed...I know it only recognizes 3 gig on a 32 bit system.

What really made me mad was when I started with a clean install and it took over 2 hrs to load Win 7 as the OS would not recognize my NIC card and was unable to download any updates from on-line. system ran VERY slow and it took another hour to get the ethernet drivers loaded.

Now it's just a matter of the OS taking it's sweet time to run the simplest program. All programs are recognized and no other major problems.

Hopefully these are all just bug fixes and if so...I'll buy the new OS when it goes on sale...if not...I'm going back to Vista Ultimate.

Any advice appreciated...
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