Freezing While Downloading

Hi, I installed Windows 7 the other day, and it's been running smoothly and I haven't had any problems with it thus far, except for one. It seems to happen only when I'm downloading things, be it direct downloads or torrents. I've also linked it to Firefox, as for some reason it seems to crash only when I have that program running. The freeze is unlike any freeze I saw on Windows XP, it completely freezes everything on the screen, including my mouse, and I can't do anything. I am forced to turn off the computer via holding down the power button. Of course, my temporary fix for this problem is simply using Opera, however Firefox is my preferred browser and I'd much rather be using it.

To give an example, I was attempting to download the Aion beta client, which is a rather large client with multiple 2 gb files you must download. I first tried multiple times to download it directly via Firefox, however, it taking over two hours to finish, my computer kept freezing before the downloads could finish. So I attempted downloading via the torrent instead, closed up Firefox, and I have not run into a single freeze, except for when I accidently clicked on the link to activate my account on this forum, which opened up Firefox and crashed my computer. Which I guess proves that it is indeed Firefox causing this problem.

Firefox never crashes my computer unless I'm downloading something, and I certainly never had this problem before on XP. Any light that could be shed on this subject would be great, if not, I'll just continue to use Opera in place of Firefox.


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