I had to stop using my xp pc everytime i go to browse it freezes,i have to switch it of by the pc button as i cant shut down once i restarted it again as soon as it had loaded up it freezes again i dont even get as far as using the internet,ive got rid of a lot of stuff on it but it hasnt helped,i done several virus checks they was ok,now i dont know what to do if someone could help that would be great.


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Try running this utility:
Download CCleaner 2.12.651 -

If that doesn't work, put your windows disk in the drive and run the repair utility.

Thank you i give that a try

You said you've done several virus scans. Were they all with the same anti-virus? Having more than one can cause problems...

Also, is it happening on the same browser (assuming you're talking about web browsing)? You could try getting a different browser (although to do this you'll need the internet; try using someone else's computer if you can.)

System restore may also work...

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