Windows 7 Freezing


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Jan 29, 2009
Well, if you read my last topic about the freezing I decided to get a fresh install. That did not help though.

Either the install freezes during expanding files or completing installation, or if I get a "sucessfull" install it will freeze while running W7.

Here are my CPU-Z results:





Just a FYI, I have another 512 MB of Ram but I heard it could cause install issues so I left it out (although I still had the problem whether it was in ot out). also:

Video card: geforce 7300GT

any ideas???
Maybe your windows iso is corrupt. from what other people have said there installation took 6-7 hours. I would just be patient and wait and see if it completes the install.
1. I've tried 4 different ISOs so I doubt that is the problem

2. I left it overnight on a couple of tries to no avail. The thing is when it freezes the HDD light either stays on or stays off. I don't think I have a HDD problem but I will check it with S.M.A.R.T.

My main question here is how compatible is W7 with older hardware?
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Take a look at your graphic card drivers.

Hello there,
My experience about freezing:

I have random freezes while using the aero theme with transparencies enabled.
I tried to get updated drivers from windows update and ati web page but did no help much.
The solution for me was install an older version of drivers.

I have an Ati 2600xt Agp and the drivers are version 8.501 and now the freezes are out from my computer. :)

(Sorry about my poor english)
hmm. this could be it. I also have an AGP vid card (geforce 7300GT). What are the oldest drivers compatible with W7 (vista?). Although this wouldn't explain the freezing during installation... maybe I'll try to install using my onboard video...

we might be on to something here :D

UPDATE: OSCAR_VLC YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!! I am seriously SSSSSSSOOOOOO thankful!!! I got W7 installed without a hitch and I installed the drivers that came with the vid card (158.--) and I'm gonna let it sit to make sure the problem is 100% fixed. BUT I AM SO SO SSSSSOOOOO happy!!!!!!
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uhhh sorry scratch that (thanks anyways). Must have been one of the lucky times because it froze so I figured I would reinstall and MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE... and it froze during installation all 3 tries.

any other ideas?
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