I recently bought an Asus laptop :
Intel Core i7
4 GB Ram
ATI Mobility Radeon 5730 1GB
Windows 7

If you need more specs ( like the motherboard, or other stuff ) it is an Asus N71-JQA1.

I have two problems. The biggest one is that it sometimes freeze ( like if the screen wasn't refreshing) No keys are working but the power button. It seems to be random : it freezes on big progams ( games like dirt2 ), on internet, or even when i am only using windows media player ! I have McAfee Total Protection and it doesn't detect any virus or anything. I think it began when I changed my virus protection : trend micro wasn't totally removed when i installed McAfee. It was freezing a lot but then i uninstalled everything and i reinstalled McAfee. Since this time, it freezes less often but it still does. I don't know if it is linked.

My other problem is that i hear a windows alert ( the same sound as when i unplug something from a USB ) very often since this morning. All my USB devices are well plugged.

Thanks for your help !


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Nobody ? I need your help !

I already unistalled both and then reinstalled McAfee and it is still freezing !

It is within the realm of possibility that McAfee being re-installed is the cause, which is why I said to remove it and replace with MSE.

Could you explain what is MSE ? I am not really good with computers.
I have some news : first, someone wrote on this forum ( Neyriti ) and describe exactly what my problem is :

For the past two days my computer has been randomly freezing. When it happens, the keyboard and mouse become unresponsive and the display becomes frozen, continually displaying whatever was on screen at the time. If any sound is playing at the time it freezes, then a single, continuous tone plays from the speakers. It occured three times yesterday and so far five times today. The last time it happened, I left my computer on for ten minutes and it still remained frozen, so I was forced to hold down the power button to turn it off (as I had to do with all the other times). I have no problems during start up, except each time I start up after it's frozen, it'll tell me Windows did not shut down properly (because I was forced to manually turn it off) and prompts if I'd like to start normally or in safe mode. After start up, it may freeze within five minutes, or may not freeze at all for several hours. Each time it's occured I've been doing something different; a couple of times I was browsing the internet, listening to music or watching a movie with Windows Media Player, once it happened while I was typing in Microsoft Excel (nothing else was running), another time it occured when I was only watching a movie in WMP.

This person had no efficient answers but the last post was posted in the winter so... Maybe someone founded a solution ?

An other thing about my problem : when i opened my computer today, i have been redirected on a screen with this message : Please select your boot device. P4:ST9320423AS, P0:ST9320423SA, P1:HL-DT-STBDDVDRW CT21N. I didn't know what to do so i choose the first option.

It is freezing in Safe mode.

I downloaded a software Windows 7 for registry errors. The publicity is often on the top of this page. It detected like 1400 errors, but some people says this is a swindle.

If you don't understand some of my sentences please tell me because i am a french an i still have some difficulty in english.


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Hello Tony,

When you uninstall a program I always use a 3rd party uninstaller...............

You may have to re-install those virus scanners and uninstall using Revo Uninstaller.

I would also suggest you clean up your computer using CCleaner...............


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Typing MSE into Google shows straight away what it is and where to get it.

"Microsoft Security Essentials"

If it's freezing in safe mode, update the bios. Then go into bios settings and set it to be optimized defaults. Save.

Then download Memtest86+ and test the memory with it overnight. If any errors are found, replace the RAM.

I replaced McAfee by MSE, using revoUnistaller and I used CCleaner and it worked for a while but it freezes last night. Now, I want to uptdate my bios and set it to be optimized defaults but i don't know how. Could you explain it to me step by step ?

Thanks for your help!


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First, you'll need to visit the manufacturers site to see of a BIOS update is available.

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