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My HP pavillion with 7 Home premium was launched in French and I would like to convert it to English. I have updated my regional settings but Windows continues to run in French. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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It appears that only Win 7 Ultimate has the language pack capability. The MS Anytime Upgrade will allow you to purchase an ugraded version of Win 7 Ultimate. Once Win 7 Ultimate is installed do the follow:

Install Language Pack in Windows 7 Ultimate

1. Start -> All Programs --> Windows Update --> Optional Updates.
2. Open optional Updates and go to the section Windows 7 Language Packs.
3. Tick the Language Pack you want and hit OK
4. Proceed with Install Updates
5. Depiction of Windows 7 downloading a Language Pack
6. Automatic install initiated after download

How to change the Windows 7 Display Language:

1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region / Change the display language
2. Switch the display language in the Choose a display language dropdown menu.
3. Click OK
4. Log off for the changes to take effect (This will affect only the user profile under which you are currently logged on).


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I found this site as well, but did not feel comfortable recommending to someone that I do not know his level of experience a fairly involved procedure. If it works, great, if it does not who knows what might happen. The review results were somewhat mixed if you read through them.

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