Frequent Firefox/Thunderbird crashes + BSODs

Hello all,
Would appreciate some insight into issue plaguing me for several months now.
Symptoms are frequent firefox/thunderbird crashes, with system crashes also occurring up to several times a day.


Joe S

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I don't read the dumps but here are some things to try. Go to Adobe and find the uninstall/cleanup tool for Flash. Then uninstall Flash and the FF Flash plugin and run cleanup tool. Then reinstall flash it might also be a good idea to uninstall and reinstall FF after getting rid of Flash. Also make sure all of your drivers for chipset, video, sound etc are up to date form the manufacturer's sites. I don't know what AV you are using but AVG is frequently involved in BSODs.

Hmm.. couldn't locate such a tool on adobe's website. If you could provide a link for it, that'll be gr8 :).
Don't have AVG installed.


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**Does problem go away in *Windows'* safe mode with networking enabled?
- win7 Start your computer in safe mode

Or did Joe's suggestion help?


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Java an issue?

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