Frequently Used Program List (aka Most Recent Program List)

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by baldy, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Problems with almost any program showing up on the FPL. The normal start menu list of programs works just fine. I noticed this about 2 months ago in that the FPL was static. Yesterday I manually removed all programs from the FPL and have run a multitude of various programs yet nothing shows up. So now my list is all blank.

    OK, to keep the various suggested solutions short, I know about setting the "Start Menu Size"; I've tried 5 to 20. No joy. I know about the checkbox in the Privacy area of the Start Menu tab; mine IS checked but still no joy. I know about "NoStartPage" setting in HKClassesRoot for various program types and to my knowledge, I have no such entries. I have read some suggested solutions about checking the Group Policy Editor and it appears all of mine are set at NO (which I believe is the default setting and it means I haven't changed anything).

    Now interestingly, just before I posted this, I typed EV in the run box to check the Event Viewer, and surprisingly "Event Viewer" now appears in the FPL area. Go figure.

    I supposed I could work around everything by simply choosing "Pin to Start Menu" for anything that I wanted to appear there but I would like the system to work as designed.

    I have consolidated shortcuts from the various start menu folders into my own (Users/Name/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/StateMenu/Programs) just for the sake of convenience in housekeeping of the programs and folders appearance but I can't imagine how this would affect the FPL.

    By the way, just where does Win7 keep this list of programs? Is it in a folder under the Users or is it a registry folder? I can't find it and now that mine is blank (or almost blank), that makes looking for a box of empty quite difficult.

    Getting old and senile.

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