Fresh Install of Windows 7 - Certain Websites load super slowly

The title says it all, I just installed windows 7 and am having difficulty loading certain websites. Tracert is showing considerable latency between these websites. This isn't an issue for other computers on my network and since its a fresh install I'm sort of at a loss. I tried disabling the windows firewall but no look. There doesn't seem to be any driver issues (I haven't installed a driver for my wireless which Im not using and my sound card which I will get around to after this unless for some reason these are the cause). If there is any other information I can provide feel free to ask!

Thank you very much for the assistance.


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Could you provide information on the browser(s) you're using as well as some latency and speed test results? An easy way to test both speed and ping times (though a little less accurate ;)) - The Global Broadband Quality Test - The Global Broadband Speed Test

I'm using internet explorer, chrome and firefox all with the same issue. I tracerouted to the slow websites and for some reason as soon as the connection leaves my apartment its super slow for some sites and just fine for others. However I forgot to include an important fact, I'm connected through my laptop via internet connection sharing. It's running windows xp media center. I tethered to my phone for a test and the internet works fine over that, so its either a network card issue or a network issue. Odds are its related to windows xp internet connection sharing. If you still need the latency tests I'll be happy to provide them!

Also thank you for the warm greeting I appreciate it!


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So running straight over Ethernet fixes the problem?
Post the model of your network cards and we'll see what we can do :)

Theres no way to know since I dont have an ethernet cable that can reach from my router to here. I simply tethered my phone to my computer and was running off the wi-fi and that seemed to work. It's not ideal though since my max throughput is greatly limited. As for my network card model its a Marvel Yukon 88E8001. Thanks!


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OK. So you're rtunning off wireless,
Could you check the event logs and post any information about DNS timeouts, etc?
Also, if you could, temporarily move your computer to the router and run from ethernet, this most likely sounds like a driver issue.
What's the model of your wireless adapter?

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