Windows 7 Friends, Family and VIRUS


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Just like last year, my not so computer smart family, not to mention a couple of friends. Got new computers, for xmas. All but one got either a Dell, Hp, with the exception of one of my Uncles. He took my advice, and bought seperate componets. So guess who had to do the build me. Well that should be the end, but my uncle who doesn't like the internet, decided not to hook up his computer to the internet, well after two days I get a call his computer isn't running right, when asked he said that his computer start to access his drive and a message would in form him that his hd was being formated, drive was formated. So he reinstalled XP pro. Installed all of his hunting game that he likes, and after that when he turned off his computer, and started it later. It did it again, message came up Formating C: . I asked if he had been on the internet, or if he installed something he had gotten from the internet. No! So I stopped by checked all of his equipment out, basicly that everything was seated right. Everything checked out. So I stuck in the XP disk. reformated the drive, installed XP pro, then installed all of the games he likes. Great everything went with a hitch. Restarted his computer no problems! Then he handed me burned CD, with some freeware games and asked me to install tham. I asked him where he had gotten it. Well his friend next door gave it to him the other day. Next question, where did he get it. Oh from the internet. So I pulled out my cd with Avira antiVir personal, installed it and the latest updates, well they were two days old. Then scanned the cd he wanted me to install. All it came up with was a warning, unknown virus or file type. So I copyed the cd minus the program folder where unknown virus was, Installed the programs from the new CD, check to see if every thing worked, restated the computer with out any problems. Point of this story, keep your Family and friends informed about thing that come from the internet and insure to install a virus detection program even if they say they are not going on the internet! Plus in the case of my uncle, now several of my not so computer smart family members think Im idiot, and that I blow a lot of hot air about what I do know, which isn't by no mean alot! I hope ever one on this fourm has had a happy xmas, and New year.


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Thanks for posting. I would really like to see this sub-forum take off, with more information like yours, from members and their personal experience with virus, and malware problems and hopefully, like yours, some resolutions. It seems to me, that with some savvy and logical troubleshooting you were the hero here and I'll betcha those same family members will still seek you out when they have computer issues, especially once they find out what your time is actually worth, by taking it down to Best Buy and letting them fix it and paying that bill. Anyway just thought I would say thanks and let you know that your post was indeed appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply, turst me this isn't the first time. In about 3 to 4 months I'll get some phone calls, about how slow thier computer are now. Happens every time some one gets a new computer.

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