Friends PC keeps restarting randomly after shutdown for the night


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My friend recently (in the past month) bought a refurbished Dell computer from Wal-Mart. Everything seems to work fine. The problem she is having with it is that when she does 'shut-down' for the night it randomly restarts. No set amount of time just it restarts. They keep the PC in the bedroom so it wakes them up. We have added nothing which would cause this problem. I went to 'automatic restart after crash' and unchecked it as suggested and that did not work. What can I do to fix this problem for her.

It is a Dell Optiplex, Windows 7 SP1, intel duo-core processor. 4 GB RAM.



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If it is restarting from sleep, it might be a Windows Update, or Windows Media Center. Does it happen at exactly the same time every night? I know you said random, but maybe because they are asleep, it just seems that way. Is he laptop plugged in when this happens?

After it does that, you can open a command prompt windows and enter the command:

powercfg -lastwake

Maybe it would give you some guidance.

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