Frog picks bad place to hang out

It wasn't hoppy days for this tree frog when a hungry snake decided to hang out with it in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin.

The poor amphibian was happily hopping along when a hungry snake snatched it from above.

And it was all downhill from the moment it left the ground as, following a grim struggle, it was swallowed whole.

Tour guide and photographer Luis Fernando Espin describes the amazing scene in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin.

'I was ready to have lunch and was walking from my cabin to the dining room when I saw the chironius exoletus snake.

'At the beginning I thought it was nothing but I soon realised it was the snake grabbing the tree frog up by its leg. I ran to bring my camera and took several pictures of it in action.

'Forty-five minutes later the snake was still eating the frog and that is the time when I took the last pictures before it swallowed it..

'It was just amazing to be there, watching the two creatures fighting.'

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