Windows 7 From WinXP to Windows 7, Via Vista. KEY HELP.


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Yesterday, I spent the whole day downloading the new Windows 7.
I was completely excited.

Until, I started installing it.
This is my problem.
None of my keys are working.
AND it is asking me for the activation keys, since it says it EXPIRED.
...I JUST GOT THIS TODAY, practically.

Now, I'm running a windows thats restricted on everything except this browser I'm using..THAT's IT.
[so I could buy a stupid key, supposedly]

I tried every frikkin key I could use.
I even got the official, Windows 7 keys from the official Windows site.
That doesnt work.

..So I'm thinking it's for the Vista that needs a key.
Since you know...I'm upgrading...XP via Vista to Seven.

Now, I was REALLY dumb enough not to back up anything.
It's there a way where I could bypass this whole expired thing?

...Btw, I didnt install using a CD.
I had run it from Windows itself, using a lil program.
BUT, luckily I saved the windows 7 program on a different hard drive.

Ugh, this post just seems like I'm ranting.
Its like 2am in the morning && I cant think straight.

I just want an answer like immediately.
This is driving me nuts.
I might have to revert back to XP.
=/ If I dont get these stupid activation keys.
What W7 are you using -- legal or a torrent. If you used a torrent and have used an activation crack then your W7 will be broken as even these versions work with the standard keys.

If you are using a legal version just search on Windows 7 keys.
there's only around 16 sets (if that many) for each version of W7 - ensure you are using the correct set for the W7 version you are using W7 32 bit or 64 bit --also ensure you haven't done something stupid like leaving Caps / Numlock left on and you are using the correct keyboard language otherwise letters / numbers will be incorrect.