From XP Pro 32 to 7 Pro 64

I know similar questions have been asked, but I never really found anything exactly like mine.
I am running a dual boot of XP Pro 32, and Win7 RC . I bought the student upgrade to Win7 and managed to get a working ISO, and get it burnt to a DVD. But my Windows 7 64 wont boot. I do have a 64 bit processor, just never bothered upgrading OS's from my old 32 bit machine.

My idea was reformatting the Win7 drive, reinstalling the XP and then doing a clean install over that.
Does that seem plausible?


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Have you tried any of the repair options yet? Maybe hit F8 during the boot and select startup repair from the advanced options.

Or boot from the install DVD. In the install screen, click next then repair your computer. May not be the exact sequence, but you should be able to find it.

Warning, I know nothing about Dual boot and whether this process will allow that to continue.

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well, like I said, it wont even boot. It gets to the boot from CD and then just goes to what's installed. I'm thinking I may have to reformat that drive, then reinstall everything to get the upgrade to work?


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Do you have two hard drives or are they on serrate partitions?

Hit the F2 key and look at the Boot order. Change it and see if you get the Windows7 and XP startup options.

Note the name of the drive and get into the BIOS and switch that drive to the first boot order.

Could you provide a screen shot of disk Management

Stuey, its not a standard boot issue. I did see that digital river offered a secondary download to fix that boot issue, but I bypassed it and havent been able to find it since. Reg, 2 drives one 500gb in 4 partitions (d:-g:) and a 100gb (c:). XP on one, Win7RC on another. The rest is for various storage. My D: (XP) is my boot and C: (W7) is a system drive. I'm assuming its because these are 32 bit OS's, but that shouldn't effect the initial boot up which is from the CD.


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Your C: drive should be the boot drive.

I realize most machines are set up that way. This is a dual boot. I reinstalled the 100gb (which also had XP on it), to try out the Win7RC. When I reinstalled the 100gb, My C: was then designated D: and a new C: was then in its place. I'm assuming I'll have to reformat the drive, reinstall XP pro, then run my Win7 Upgrade.

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Well whatever drive Windows 7 is installed on, you'll need to set that hard drive in the top position in the BIOS.

ok, to clarify, I only have the RC version, but what you're saying is if I put the C: as the first boot, even though my running copy of Win7 is only an RC version, it will install? or are you saying that I need to ensure the DVD is the initial boot drive?


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Yes the RC version fine.

Do you receive a choice to boot XP or Windows 7 when you start your computer?

Well, after this long wait to boot to CD, I did eventually get that option.


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How are things working out?

Well... they haven't. Still having the same issues. Matter of fact, last time it screwed up my booting on both partitions. I had this loooong wait, then it went to the choice of boot Xp Pro or Windows 7. Anyway to make a long story short, I had to take both XP and 7 to a previous restore point.


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Do not boot from the DVD.

You need to correct the hard drive order to get your system to show the boot choices on startup.

If you have played around with partitions or made any other major changes to your system, I would recommend a "clean" install because it doesn't look like we're getting anywhere here.

ok, The problem being, Neither OS on the c: drive is 64 bit. What I have is an upgrade. So I'll have to reinstall my 64 bit Vista (yes I have 4 os's floating around here) and try again when that's done.


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No, by the first boot device I mean your first hard drive boot device, not the DVD-ROM

The DVD-ROM is usually set as the first device as you'll see the message to press and key to boot from CD-Rom, but like I said, you still need to get the correct hard drive in the second order.

How many operating systems do you have installed?

Did you try hiiting the F2 ket to bring up the hard drive oder.

Could you provide a screen shot of Device Manager?

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My first boot device has 32bit Win7 RC. So I cant run the 64 bit upgrade from that platform. The second boot device has 32 bit XP pro which I also cannot run the 64bit u[grade from. And since I only have the Win7 upgrade, Im assuming I need a pre-installed OS? But since I cannot boot from the DVD to do a clean install, nor install from either 32bit OS, I'm also assuming it would be much easier for me to reformat the first, install the Vista 64bit that I have tha I never got around to installing and run the 64bit Win7 upgrade from there. So to answer your question, 2 os's. I didn't have to change the drive order. My first boot device is an HD, booting to Win7. Ill try and get a screen shot up soon.

ok, I tried to install my 64 bit Vista and had the same issues. Here's the screen shot from XP. I'll upload another from Win7 RC in a minute.


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Here be that screenshot.


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