Frustrating Alt-Tab Behavior

Hey guys

Basically I'm not a pro with computers,But my Windows 7 is doing something really strange and VERY annoying

What its doing is if i Alt tab out of something i can't just click the icon to get back into it,I recently found a way to get back in and that was by pressing Control-alt-delete and going onto process's and switch to program. also what my windows is doing is if i have the internet or something open in windowed mode the program will constantly flicker and go non-responsive for a fraction of a second and just carry on doing that,Also sometimes It'll just stay non responsive.My friend also has the same problem with his computer.

My version of windows is fully up to date.Any help would be great!!

I'm guessing its not anything hardware wise like the PC having trouble


AMD athx4 2.6ghz
4gb ddr2 high performance ram
and so on

From a annoyed PC user!

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Hi and welcome to the forums.

What its doing is if i Alt tab out of something i can't just click the icon to get back into it
Is it any program that you alt tab out of ?

(It is not unusual for some full screen 3D apps to have this behavior.)

Yea its everything from the inbuilt media player that comes with windows 7 to games etc
Its really annoying often have to close the program all together and re-open.


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Have you tried Alt-Tab again to get back into the window (Or Alt Esc)

Yea but still with no luck :(


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Can I verify what seems to be happening?

If you have two windows open, like notepad and IE. You hit Alt+Tab and you get the selection window with Notepad, IE, and the Desktop as options. You tab to notepad, release Alt and it opens.

When you Alt+Tab again you do not get the same options as you had before?

If you Winkey+Tab, do you get the options as pages and Tab through those? And if you do not use Tab, you cannot click on the highlighted taskbar icon to open the window?

If you have a window minimized, can you click it to open the window again?

If Win 7 is not behaving in the prescribed manner, perhaps something needs updating or checked.

Have you updated your video drivers lately?

Have you changed any keyboard shortcuts?

Have you tried running a System File Check?

Is Aero Working normally?

Yea thats pretty much spot on i can't click on the icon to open it again either.I normally have to close it down and reopen it.

Thats not the most annoying part it keeps going non responsive flicking between responsive to non :(

Sorry i don't know what Aero thing is would that course it?

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