Frustrating Dual Monitor Problem

I am having the toughest time trying to figure out my dual monitoring problem.

I have 2 Dell flatscreen monitors and am running an ATI 4850 video card with two DVI slots. I have all of the newest drivers for my video card. I installed RC1 today hoping that my dual monitor problem would go away, yet it is still giving me trouble.

I have my main 23" monitor plugged in and when I plug my second 20" monitor in, both monitors flicker and then my main monitor locks up in a light blue screen with dark blue lines through it, then my second monitor is gray with black lines through it. When I take the second monitor back out, my main monitor brings my desktop back up, but its frozen and forces me to restart.

I have been to the far reaches of the internet trying to find the solution to this but haven't had any luck. If anyone could give me any tips, that would be great. If you need anymore information about my system or anything, let me know. Thanks guys!

I would turn off the computer before plugging in a DVI connection.
On the video board, one of the DVI ports will default to the primary - it may even have a number 1 in the board.
Setup the single monitor 1st. Turn off the computer, plug in the second monitor. Restart.
All should work.

I have an ATI X1650 with two lcd, using the analog cable in both of them, I can´t complain about anything everything is working fine, using DisplayFusion to handle windows between both monitors.

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