Fukushima : They forgot to Turn On the Water

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by whoosh, Apr 16, 2011.

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    Saturday, April 16, 2011
    Fukushima 16 April 2011

    Well our friends the Japanese have screwed the pooch again. They forgot to turn on the water.

    "The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan emitted a new burst of radioactive material this week after a bungled cooling effort apparently affected spent atomic fuel in the site's No. 4 reactor cooling pond, the Associated Press reported."

    "Workers were firing water into the pond from a distance in an effort to prevent the fuel from overheating and releasing radioactive contaminants, but fluid collecting in an adjacent flood control container triggered an incorrect warning that the pond had been filled. Personnel halted water transfers to the pool for a number of days in response to the warning, allowing heat and radiation levels to increase even though the fuel was thought to have remained submerged, Japanese Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency Deputy Director General Hidehiko Nishiyama said. Water spraying began again on Wednesday."
    http://powerandcontrol.blogspot.com/201 ... -2011.html

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