Fukushima Updates June 5

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    The situation at Fukushima remains critical. Please read my last status update at http://majiasblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/ ... shima.html

    The news out today focuses on the degree of contamination and the situation at reactor 1, which is devoid of pressure. I’m not sure whether new confirmation that there is no pressure in reactor vessel #1 is really “news” since we’ve known for some time that the core in that reactor had melted and was on the concrete floor of the building.

    Gunderson believes that the reactor core will remain on the concrete floor, burning only very slowly through the floor. Others do not agree and fear that the concrete will be easily eaten away by the very hot fuel, ultimately producing another explosion. We can only wait and see on this one.

    Meanwhile we all hold our breath hoping the bottom of the pressure vessel for #3 doesn’t break through and that building #4 housing the very, very full spent fuel pool does not topple. Gunderson warns people who would be in the path of the fallout from these events to watch carefully!

    At this point, I have a hard time believing in the veracity of any reports issued by our government, by the Japanese government, and by TEPCO. There is growing evidence that these corrupt and despicable entities lied through their teeth in March and April.

    Revelation that people in Seattle were exposed in April to approximately 10 hot particles a day is shocking. The EPA had the mission and ethical responsibility to warn the public to take precautions. Those miserable lying SOB chose to lie about the threat. I really don’t know what else to say. I am so sickened, so angry, so outraged by their deception, coming right on the heels of their lying and deception about the Gulf oil spill....

    Well, I’ve ranted enough. Here is a summary of headlines:

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