Windows 7 FULLY replace taskbar with objectdock/rocketdock

I know you can remove the taskbar and put the dock in it's place, but programs will overlap have different Z coordinates but the X and Y coordinates will overlap. Is there a way to make the programs have the same Z coordinates as the dock, or block other programs from maximizing in the space the dock is, just like the taskbar blocks programs from getting over it?


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I am a little confused as to how you phrased your question... but, I presume you just do not want your dock to be covered/overlapped/block by a browser or some sort of app running atop of your desktop?

For rocket dock:

  1. Right click in the dock and click dock settings.
  2. Click 'position'.
  3. Choose your 'layering' option: 'Always on top' (this might option might help), 'Normal', or 'Always on bottom'.
  4. Click 'ok' button.

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