Function keys not working in Windows 7 after updating

I have a Sony VAIO with Win 7 64-bit, purchased around 2 months ago. Everything was working fine until yesterday when Sony VAIO update popped up from the task tray and prompted me to update a bunch of things, which I did. The entire process was automated as it was one of those system updates. After the update, I restarted computer, and then all the function keys stopped working. E.g., pressing FN + F1-12 won't do anything. Before the update I was able to use FN + F3/4 to adjust volume, but now nothing happens. Does anyone know what's going on? None of the updates failed to install and I restarted computer just like it said, and I'm assuming all updates that need to be installed will pop up in either Windows Update or VAIO Update? My Win update says my computer is up to date as well.


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Which files from that website should I download? There are tons of downloads available, but I'm pretty sure most of them I have already installed, either by Best Buy when I ordered my computer or through Windows/VAIO updates...

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Hello there!

There is a long thread about this issue I think worth looking though it. I had the same problem I fixed by apply the drivers in a specific order which I forgot. I'm sure that's mentioned in that thread.

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Have you checked you setup utility or bios to see if a setting as to whether to use the F key or alternate has been changed? But they should work as either a direct F key or an Fn + F key. Buy as was mentioned, you may need to reinstall a driver.

Perhaps resetting to bios to its default would help if you can't find anything else.

Lol moment I resumed my laptop from standby, all the FN keys are working again...
Funny how technology works. Thanks anyways guys.

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