Funny little networking problem...

Ok, so here's my problem. When I try to connect to another computer on the network, it will connect for about a minute and then I will lose connection to both the network computer and the internet for about a minute(Faster if I repair the connection). Seeing as I'm trying to transfer files over from one computer to this one, that's somewhat of a problem.

Anybody have any idea why its doing this? Also it will never lose connection unless I try and access a network computer, if I'm on the internet it works fine. I have already tried disabling firewalls.

I have found issues with communications between networked computers to, the only possible reason I can think of this being is permission conflicts, Windows 7 is still a beta, thus there may be confics with O/S's that pre date it, as there are still many bugs to fix within it.

I thought that at first however, 1) I'm using build 7600 which is the retail version isn't it? and 2) I had an old computer with windows 7 before this one and it connected fine. :\

are you using the same drivers for the NIC as you were before?

are you using the same drivers for the NIC as you were before?
No, because I was using the mobo Ethernet port and now I have new mobo. I've tried the manufactures driver and the one windows 7 auto installs, but both experience the problem.

No W7 drivers from the manufacturer yet?What manufacturer would that be? I'm assuming you tried all the compatibility settings when installing the drivers (again assuming an .exe installer).

It's a gigabyte mobo and they only have 1 generic chipset driver thingy for all OSes. Also no I didn't try compatibility modes. Which ones should I try. The drivers on the disc that came with it are a install all at once utility thing, so I dunno if running that in compatibility mode would do anything.

It's worth a try I would try vista first and move on from there.just be sure of a good restore point first we wouldnt want to make anything worse. When i re installed my asus board i had some trouble with integrated audio and running the multi installer CD inVista mode hosed other Mobo drivers while fixing the sound card so i uninstalled that driver through device manager and restarted when windows came up it auto installed a working W7 driver for my sound card instead of the one from asus as long as it doesn't have the CD in the drive i would also try this. Finally you can update the driver through device manager telling it to scan the CD this will offer you some compatibility options if windows detects a conflict.

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