Funny Symbols in MS Word 2007


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I recently accidentally hit some sort of keyboard combination on my Toshiba U400. Now all my MS Word documents (2007) have strange symbols like a mirror image P and lots of dashes and arrows.. How do I get rid of this?

Many thanks!

Do you mean these strange ¶ symbols ?

Most likely you do. Those are your little friends, they show you where your paragraphs end. Follow these steps to turn them off :

1. Click the office button > word options > on the left side of the dialog box, click display > under always show these formatting marks on the screen, put a check mark next to paragraph marks > make sure that all the other entries in this section are unchecked > click Ok

2. Click the button with this ¶ sign on the formatting tool bar


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That worked! Thank you very much!

That worked! Thank you very much!
Pleasure to hear, I'm happy it did. :) Did you mean " ¶ " was a mirror image of " P " ? :razz:


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Yes, I did.

Hey, don't knock it... you knew what he meant, LOL :D

Kinda looks like a backwards 'P', don't y'all think? ;) Sure it does. :)
I am not at all knocking it, I just asked to see if I understood the problem correctly. I was somewhat confused and reasoned to myself that if this was about "¶", then they would have probably put it so ("¶"). Yes, it does kind of look like a backwards "P".

' Drew '

this is not to worry, yours was a good comment. :) I really had been a little bit in doubts as to the symbols, but I sure understood your joke. :)

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