G4S staff sacked for tagging offender's false leg

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    Private security firm G4S has sacked two members of staff who tagged a man's false leg, allowing him to remove it and flout a court-imposed curfew.
    Christopher Lowcock, 29, fooled the two employees by wrapping a prosthetic leg in a bandage when they set up the tag at his home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.
    He was then able to remove the limb and break a curfew imposed for offences involving drugs, driving and a weapon. G4S sacked the pair for committing a serious disciplinary offence, it said.
    In a statement, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said procedures "were clearly not followed in this case and G4S have taken action against the staff involved. Two thousand offenders are tagged every week and incidents like this are very rare," a spokesman added.
    G4S staff sacked for tagging offender's false leg | UK news | guardian.co.uk

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