G700 Mouse and all mouses not working well on system

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by honsbeek, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Hi there ,

    First I thought it was just a problem with the Logitech G700 gaming mouse I have but then I try to switch to another mouse an the exact same problem persisted.


    When I click left mouse button I almost always get double click command. And dragging is almost impossible, when drag selecting texts or url's on notepad , although the mouse button is fully clicked in , the process gets interrupted.

    Like I said I get this now when trying out another mouse , so this most definitely excludes the G700 to be faulty.

    I wonder what is causing it , it started to happen when I changed my system , and am now using a new board ASUS p8p67 with i2500K , and 4 gig RAM.

    Mouse mouses are wireless , and the g700 is 2.4ghz and the other mouse is a little less specs I believe .

    Thank you kindly


    PS , the same happens when the G700 is linked to its usb cable.
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    Assuming the all batteries are good, it would seem to be either a mouse driver problem, or a USB driver problem.

    Have you tried different USB ports?

    Have you tried using the mouse dialog to set the mouse characteristics? Have you tried the Logitec mouse drivers?

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