Windows 7 gadget help please

guys kindly help.. my gadgets wont appear on the desktop.. when i add for example the clock gadget all that appears is a black box... what can i do so that the clock would appear..?? thanks for the help.... attached is the image of my desktop with the gadgets.. View attachment Doc1.docx


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Hi saintzer05 and Welcome to the Forum.

Open regedit.exe. Export (backup) and then delete this registry key:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\

Re-boot. Restart sidebar process.

Possibly related to Adobe Flash updates.

uhm where can i find the backup? and will i delete the folder of zones?

Go to your start orb on bottom right; in the field with the magnifying glass at the bottom of the list, enter "regedit" without the quotation marks. At the top of the search list, click on the "regedit.exe" entry and this will open Registry Editor, which will walk you through the backup process, and then you can search your registry for the entry Elmer mentioned.

what is the sidebar process?? i'm just a beginner at this.. thanks

does all the windows 7 version the same?? because im using home premium.. and when the registry editor opened there was no backup process that came out..


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Saintzer05, No problem! At some stage we are are all total Newbies. So explain what you're having "trouble" with and we'll walk you through. OK?

thanks a lot.. you said to export backup.. how can i do that..?? and what is the sidebar process you were talking about?? and should i delete the whole zones folder..??


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OK, If you right click "Zones" folder in the left hand Panel of Regedit.exe, you get an export option. This is "Save". Now, it might save it as a text file unless you change the bottom option to "all files"(something like that) and specifically call it, for example, zones.reg. That's not a problem as later you can, if you need it, change the file extension from .txt to .reg. And the icon will change. and it will be a reg file. Did I loose you there ?:D

I can add a "code" for you in a post which you can save as a .reg file which will delete the "zones" entry but I'd much rather you did it yourself because: (a) You did it!! (b) You learnt something! (c) Its only a machine, not that frightening! (d) Can I trust this bloke who calls himself Elmer with goopy eyes and a paint brush in his mouth ? (actually. yes you can!)

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so after i export the zones folder and save it, i will delete it in the regedit... am i right?? so what is the sidebar process??


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OK. When you normally re-start your sidebar gadgets will normally appear (with black square?) If not you may need to start them manually. As in, you've never used a sidebar gadget before and thought it was time to try them out. I've personally f**rd about with my system that much I couldn't tell you the original path. Maybe in the Control Panel. Now I've said that, whenever I've had gadget issues, once that reg key is deleted, because they (gadgets) were running, they started up properly.

Sorry, yes. Save it then delete! Go For It!

okay i just deleted the zones folder.. and i will now restart my laptop..


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(Elmer logs off and runs into the distance!!)

it worked.. thanks a lot.. i have another question... uhmm is it normal that when windows appear after you open your computer... it takes 2-3 mins before you can refresh it.. ??


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it worked.. thanks a lot..
Thanks a lot for what? You did all the work. I just gave you the bullets.
i have another question... uhmm is it normal that when windows appear after you open your computer... it takes 2-3 mins before you can refresh it.. ??
Need a few more "specifics" there. Is it slow loading? What do you have in your start up folder? As I say, a tad more precision would be helpful.

when it starts and i try to refresh the screen it usually takes 2-3 mins for it to be refreshed.. where can i find the start up folder..??

uhmm.. can you suggest a dock application...??

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