Gadgets can't access internet

I can get Gadgets to run in Windows 7 Ultimate 64, but none of them which require access to the internet seem to be able to access the internet (e.g. Weather, Stocks, etc.). Are there permissions which need to be set or services that need to be started to allow this? (I've upgraded from Vista Ultimate 64 and have no other internet issues.)


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Chances are the problem was caused by the upgrade, it's always best to do a clean install
You may be able to fix it by going to Control Panel>>System and Security>>Windows Firewall>>(Left-hand pane) Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall. Click the change settings button, then click the Allow another program button, Browse>>C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar and select sidebar.exe, Click OK, then click Add.

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No Joy. I allowed access through the firewall for both private and public connections for sidebar under both Program Files and Program Files (x86) with no change. I even turned the firewall off, momentarily, and this did not work, either.


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Any Anti-virus running? What firewall are you running?

Do you have any logs in either that might help?

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I found the following, you might check the second answer about location and how that might effect gadgets.

Gadgets can't access internet

I'm running Symmantec Endpoint Protection, but I've disabled this, briefly, to see if this allows the gadgets to connect, with no success. I see no events logged other than informational entries when I disabled/enabled it.

I'm also using just the Windows firewall. I'm not sure I know how to find logs for it.

Yes, I had seen this, too and tried the suggestions. No effect...


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