I have win 7 ultimate installed on my system , yesterday my windows gadgets has stoped working instantly , i tried to open the gadgets icon but it has stopped working , win gadgets help me very much , tell me how can i get them back !!!!!!!!!!!


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It seems the sidebar.exe utility is involved in this. If it is running, you should show up in the Task Manager on the Processes tab.

You might try opening the Start menu and typing sidebar in the search box. You should see some options that might help. If you don't see sidebar in Task Manager and none of the options on the start menu work, perhaps hit Winkey+R and type in sidebar.exe to see if you can start it.

Have you done anything you can think of to your system that might have changed those normal settings?

Edit: Also, if you open the Control Panel and go to Programs and Features, open that. Click the Windows features option and there is a Windows Gadget Platform option that might need to be checked.

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If, after running through Saltgrass' excellent suggestions, you find yourself in the Windows Features options, but find that the Windows Gadget Platform is already checked, it may be worth trying:

Un-checking it, let it do it's stuff, reboot. Go back to Windows Features, Windows Gadget Platform re-check it, let it do it's stuff, reboot.

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