Gain Access to System Volume Information on an External Drive

Part of my job involves taking images of many different computers using Norton Ghost and saving them to external drives. One of these drives is a Western Digital MyPassport that is soon being re-purposed. When taking one of the images with this drive I accidentally clicked on the System Volume Information folder and, while I caught my error this time, saw that there were 2 other ghost files already saved in that location. I would like to pull these off of this drive and transfer them to one that will still be in use for storing images, but can't gain access to the System Volume Information folder outside of Ghost to do so, and the steps to access the folder on my computer don't seem to work for the drive (show hidden files and folders is selected, hide protected operating system files is unchecked, and system restore is turned off for the drive).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello dhansen,
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I suggest you talk with your Systems Administrator to gain access to those folders.


I have a related problem. I was running a windows server 2008 r2 that had six drives total in use. I moved the page file, mem dumps, and some other files off the main os drive per Microsoft's BPA.
Fast forward a few months; I tried windows server 8 Beta, and really like it so far, so I am trying to format the old drive that had the old page/log/misc files on it and no longer need, but I can't... Not through diskpart with override or noerr, and not through windows explorer, and not through server manager/files and Storage Services.s

If I find the answer, which I will eventually, I'll post the results here. If someone beats me to it I'd be super thankful.

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Oh crap I just googled what the heck D.A.V. was.... sorry about giving you a hard time Don. But still... :D

My answer will help others with my type of problem but not those with the original post -
shut down, disconnect data drive, reboot, connect data drive, format

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