Game and Sound Stuttering

I just built a brand new PC this past thursday and ever since then my games like WoW and Left 4 Dead 2 have been getting Stuttering from the sound and game freezes for like 3 seconds then goes back to normal until another random time and happens again. At first i thought it was my graphics card so i swapped it out with my older one that was fine playing the game. I looked on many sites to see if people have had this issue but im having a hard time finding my exact problem. I've updated all of the drivers for everything in my device manager and went to the graphics card site for the newest update just in case windows didnt get the newest. Anyone have any advice on what this could be and what i can do to fix this? Thanks in advance

Windows 7 home premium 64-bit
16GB Ram
AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Processor (6 Cpu) 3~3Ghz
SSD 128gb
DirectX 11
Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti


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What sound drivers do you show installed in device manager? You don't say what brand of video card, but Nvidia installs some audio drivers also for the game sound.

Have you found anything on the Specific game sites for Windows 7 sound problems?

Have you run DxDiag.exe to check for sound problems. Note there is also a button on the bottom for the x64 version.

If you watch Task Manager for the CPU usage, is anything else taking time when your sound stutters?

sorry about that, the brand name of the video card is Palit (Geforce GTX 560 Ti) and the sound drivers i got on now is (Creative SB X-Fi, Logitech Wireless Headset H760, and 4 Nvidia High Definition Audios) I tried deleting the Nvidia ones but when i restart, Windows just reinstalls them again and i cant cancel it before it does. I ran a Dxdiag and Dxdiag 64x and all is fine except under Sounds 1 and 3 it says "The file ctaud2k.sys is not digitally signed, which means that is has not been tested by Microsofts Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL)." I tried the task manager thing just now and nothing else is taking the time, i did it while playing WoW and the only thing that was taking stuff up was WoW with like a 16 so thats nothing high you know.

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Having an unsigned driver in an x64 windows install might mean you need to update that driver. If you have, possibly a file did not get replaced as it should. But I have no way of knowing if that is your best option.

Is the sound stuttering in the wireless headphones, or on wired speakers?

I suppose your motherboard does not have built-in sound, or is the Creative it?

The sound is stuttering in my Wired Speakers. My motherboard has On-board Audio which i actually turned off a few hours ago just to see if it was interferring with my Creative sound card but i still get the stuttering. And i also went into the device manager and manually clicked Update and each and every one of the things in the device manager and they all said the latest update has been installed. Now i dont know if this is relevant but i tried updating my BIOS with the program from the MoBo CD it says i got to update the @BIOS and when i do it says i have the latest update and when i try to get the new update it says i have to Update the @BIOS....its like its saying i need a update for a update but i cant get the update for the update lol, you think that is a sign of a bad MoBo?


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As far as the bios, you may have to use a utility on the motherboard CD to update the bios, but need to download the bios update directly from the website. Depending on how far behind you are, it may or may not be necessary. Many times a descriptive file is included that explains what has been addressed in the bios. If it isn't anything that might effect you, then an update may not be required.

Hard to say what might be causing the problems, but conflicting drivers might be involved. If you disable the on-board sound in the bios and uninstall the drivers and the device in device manager, it may help.

If you can't get if figured out, you might try removing the SB drivers, uninstall the device in Device Manager, and remove it from your system. Then re-enable the on-board audio and load its drivers for testing.

Ok I just did all that and the only stuff i got is the Realtek drivers with On-Board enabled and its still happening. I thought maybe it was the sound card since it was made for XP even though i used it fine on my old Vista.


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Hard to say what might be causing it then. Can I assume it only happens in the referenced games? If you use WMP or watch a DVD, the sound is normal?

I had an SB Live which was thrown under the bus when Vista came out. I thought the X-FIs were windows compatible. Since I don't know exactly with version of the card you have, you might check here to make sure.

Did you ever get the unsigned driver situation straightened out?

I think i actually fixed the problem which was a last resort to be honest lol, I just reinstalled Windows 7 and just installed WoW and some addons and it ran perfect. I even ran a raid with 24 other people while the games patch was downloading in background and didnt stutter or lag at all. When i first installed Windows the other day i clicked CTRL-Alt-Delete during the setup before install because it was taking a while to popup which i thought it bugged out...but apparently thats how the setup is and i didnt know lol. I kept out that sound card and i updated the MoBo from disc and everything in Dxdiag now says no problems found. Im praying it was just a bugged install of windows but if not ill let you know. I wanted to say Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this issue, you were the only person that actually helped me and i truly appreciate it. Thanks!

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