Game Bug :S 2 months trying to solve :(

Hello everyone, my first time on this forum.
Been trying to solve this problem but i don't seem capable of it. :(
Since i installed win7 i have this problem with graphis on game, 3d looks great but ttfs and some of the hud messages looks like blured or moved if you want, tried to screenshot it but it doesnt appear over screenshots so i made a little jpgs with paint for you to see what happens, my VGA is a Nvidia GTX260 and my screen an acer X233H, didn't have this problem 1 hour before installing win7 so i guess is some kind of OS problem.

can anyone help?

What im trying to show on the picture is what's inside the yellow square.
THNX a lot :p
thanks a lot sample_bug.jpg


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Typically a simple install of the latest drivers cures many ailments... if you have done, try rolling back to older drivers (stick with WHQL till find stable release).

Oh and never use the "Windows Update" editions of video drivers as they are usually very old

Already tried that, updated Graphic drivers and directX still nothing.
The problem is not in 3d rendering, it is in fact in 2d overlays, (layers?) over those games.

Examples: HAWX, Pro evolution soccer, Call of Duty Modernwarfare 2...



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Can't say I've seen that issue in the wild myself before, and I've worked on a few PCs in my


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Have you tried loading up the monitor driver found here:

Service & Support

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yup, last week, still no difference :(
also tried changing cables, disabling double screen support, exchanging screen orders and resolutions...

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