View attachment Debug(VER_US_2.1207.07_2012. i play alot of combat arms and for some reason its been crashing me back to my desktop and the closes the game. i havent got a clue as to why.if someone could please give me an idea about what i can do to stop the crashing i sure would appreciate it .ive included the bug report from the game. if any other information is needed just let me know and ill get it, tyvm, paul


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Don't know if this may help, but try setting your shadow or dynamic shadow to either low or off. Also, set your video setting to atleast minimal, but keep the screen size.

Afterwards, if you happen to see some improvements, increase your game setting to medium, then high, afterwards Ultra (if your system can handle it), but keep your shadow setting to low or off.

Now the reason I stated this, I also play FTP FPS and the one item that made me lag or stall my system was the shadow setting. The game I play is Blacklight Retribution.

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