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my wife and I wanted to start playing Icewind Dale II on each of our computers respectively. Hers is using windows 7 (64bit) and mine is using windows XP (32bit). Each of our computers will play the game fine. The problem occurs when we try to play together in a TCP/IP game. When the windows 7 computer tries to connect to the hosting XP computer, it kicks her back to the desktop and the icons and desktop is huge (magnifiied). She has to use task manager in order to get out.

If she tries the opposite, have the windows 7 computer host it, when she tries to load the game it does the same thing as above. anyone having similar problems?

thank you

Yea, I've been having problem's networking with games, First off all I couldn't get any games to lan beetween xp and win7, then I upgraded the xp mashine to win7 64bit,,,and at first I was having all sorts off problems with lan but as time passed the problems seemed to sort themselvs out.

Updating to windows live (suit of programs and updates including silverlight, messenger ect) seemed to help allthough I have no idea why,,,,

Also you need to make sure that the fire walls on boath computer's have picked up you're game and are allowing it to comunicate,

Maybe some port farwarding on you're router may help also.

Currently I can connect to moast of my games but my network keeps dropping out and kicking me about 10 min's into game!!!! as soon as i find more info I will pass it on!!

good luck!!

thanks for the reply and if you find anything else out let us know!

thanks for the reply and if you find anything else out let us know!
I have heard that disabeling widows xp as the master browser can help, you might want to check this thread also for more networking help (keep re-checking also as it's not dead yet,,,,

*edit* in fact you could re-post your question there as it is still live!

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