Gamertags Steam/Xbox Live etc


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Post your gamertags?

Xbox Live: iowntheEARTH
Assassins Creed, Forza 2, COD 4
BF2: Craven-Image
Steam Friends: hehimanoob
CS: S, Garrysmod, HL2


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It RROD'd.
But it was like 3 months after they came out, and I had already voided my warranty.
I should've kept it, then I could've modded the X-Clamp to fix it, but I didn't. I through it out.


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I got an xBox live account now, five of eight, though I don't have an xbox. Though you can add me there to be on my zune profile as well.


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nope its 3rlod (3 red lights of death). if any of you guys own a 360 google for the 360 x-clamp mod and you should be out of the overheating issues it will also stop the cpu coming away from the board in the bottom corner as many people have experienced


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I don't have a console but do use windows live ect... Mine are:

Windows live: Hammeredkemical
Steam: blisteredvista