Windows 7 Games and refresh rate.

Hey guys,

I just recently installed Windows 7, but there seems to be a problem with the refresh rate in games. On the desktop everything seems to be fine, but in games my refresh rate drops to 75 no matter the resolution. How do I apply a certaub refresh rate to games too?

I'm running Warcraft 3 TFT if that matters.



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Generally speaking it's usually down to the frame sync on the monitor / gpu settings...if vertical sync is on it syncs to the speed of the refresh of the monitors mode....typically 59/60fps on LCDs in native rez, on a TFT monitor refresh rates tend to be higher typically 60/75/85mhz. Disabling vertical sync will unlock the speed at the cost of flickering or corruption of the render.

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Thanks for the input! I turned vsync off in NVidia Control Panel and it seemed to have effect since the refresh rate rose to 75Hz (from 60 before). But the problem is no matter what resolution I choose, it's always at 75.

I'm using an old CRT Dell P1130 21" monitor which is capable of delivering 100Hz at 1280x1024, and I've got that one running in Windows environment, but in games the refresh rate seems to now be limited at 75.

PS. There's no option to control vsync from the game.

Anyway to raise the refresh rate in-game?



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according to the patch updates you can set the framerate ingame using command maxfps ##

Example: "maxfps 30" will set the maximum frame rate to 30 FPS.

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