Windows 7 Games for Low Spec Laptops running Windows 7

Hi all, im posting this topic in hope that others can help me with my request, as well as me giving games tips to others that follow the same circumstances. Basically, I want to know what games can run on low spec laptops, as well as running Windows 7.

I currently have an Asus Eee PC 1005HA and recently upgraded both my ram (1GB to 2GB) and my operating system (Windows XP to Windows 7). Under these conditions I am obviously limited to what games I can run on the laptop. It isn't necessarily a big deal as I love the laptop I have, still I do find moments where I would like to relax and load up a game that for one, can run on a low spec laptop running Windows 7, and two, won't exhaust the laptop - meaning that I have tried several games that have made the laptop generally very hot.

I know the list is a little limited, but this is what I have found so far.

Green indicates the game runs smoothly without heat issues.
Orange indicates the game runs ok with possibility of heat issues.
Red indicates the game runs extremely poor or is unplayable/unexecuteable.
Purple indicates games that I am in the process of testing.
Grey indicates games that have been tested by others.

- Yu-Gi-Oh

- Stronghold
- Youda Sushi Chef
- Shogun Total War
- Medieval Total War
- Neighbours From Hell
- Stronghold Crusader

- Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood
- Sims 1 + Expansions
- Commandos 1 & 2
- Diablo 1 & 2
- All types of Emulators

- Sims 2 + Expansions
- Hitman Silent Assassin

- Civilization IV
- Medieval Total War Viking Invasion

- Freelancer
- Hitman Contracts
- Knights of the Old Republic

- Foreign Legion Buckets of Blood

- Star Wars Jedi Academy

- Deus Ex
- FM 2010
- Civilization 3

- Black & White

Call of Duty 1+ Exp (by ErazerSwe)


As you can see I have tried to limit my tested games to those that I feel would hopefully run on a low spec laptop running Windows 7. I haven't found any decent topics on the internet that discuss Windows 7 Laptop games so hopefully this could help others that are concerned.

If anyone has any input or any reasonable requests let me know as I will be able to test them out hopefully within the next few days of request or questionning.

Hope this helps.

Updated list 30/11/2009.
Updated list 01/12/2009.

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Was this a n upgrade or a "clean" install.

An upgrade leaves useless files on you system ans can cause conflicts.

The only thing I can say about your long list is visit this thread and do a search inside the thread for those games.


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Most old DOS games can be run on low spec computer. You just need a DOS emulator (DOSBox) to run them on Windows 7.
But if you are looking for 3D, high graphics games :mad: then you probably don't want to play DOS games.

Many old DOS games are abandonware and can be "legally" downloaded from various abandonware sites. I have hundreds of DOS games (Jazz Jackrabbit, Doom 1, Doom 2, Carmageddon, Commander Keen series etc...) I play on my Windows 7 laptop.:D


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The first Call of duty and the expansion "united offensive" should run fine (my brother plays it alot online with his laptop wich is similar)

Nice, thanks for the update.

Unfortunately, I tried Civilization 4 yesterday and the best I could do was run it in Windowed Mode, and because the Window was too big for my screen resolution (minimum to run 1024x768) it was unplayable for that reason. I had to fix several game errors before even getting to that error, which left me annoyed as I spent alot of time trying to get it to work. Oh well.

Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood works, as well as Commandos 2.

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