Games run like total garbage..

Okay I am confused here...Most all of my games run like crap with windows 7.. My old comp was a p4 2.0, 768 megs of ram, and a geforce 6200, and my older games ran fine with XP. Now im on a dual core 2.6, 3 gigs, and a geforce 8600 and the games run like crap, even on the lowest settings.. I am using the 64 bit version. Could it be the new directx 11? If so, is there a way to put directx 9 back on, and still have all my drivers and everything work? Also, this happens with the games that I can actually play, the rest of my games minimize on startup to the bottom, when I click, it just re-minimizes.. I know I blew my money on vista, and thought win7 was the fix... Apparently not. Anyhow can anyone help.. Thanks.



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first off download and run the newest DXupdater from sites such as filehippo or direct from microsoft to ensure all the previous dx builds are present and correct. As for games running badly are you reffering to the old games or newer ones? give examples of the games as it could just be they aimed beyond the specs of even your newer pc which to be fair is quite low end. If that is not the case then it comes down to drivers or you may have to dual boot with XP (spit spit) to get the performance you require unless you get them running under "Compatibilty mode" (right click and properties the game exe and set to run in XP sp3 compat mode. ).

BTW any game that is designed to run a specific DX version whether v9, v10 or v11 will do so automatically as they are ALL used according to what the game demands to be used, it wont say run DX10 or Dx11 graphics on a game made for DX9 for example, although the reverse is true where a game has multiple versions available such as say Crysis which asks if you want to use DX9 or DX10 graphics or Dirt2 which allows all three flavours of DX if you have the GPu that can do it.

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