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I'm having a problem with my computer I am running two operating systems on my computer. Windows 7 on a sata hard drive, and windows XP on an ide drive. my problem is that my hard drive light flashes constantly about once per secondm, and the computer is running slow, ( solitare is slugish and jumpy). I've been on a malware site discussion board, and determened that my system is clean.i've been reviewing some other discussion boards and a couple of them mention about problems with cd/ dvd drives cauing this problem . i've turned auto insert notiyication off on both of my drives,but the light still flashes. I disconnected the data cable from my cdrom and dvd drives and the problem is gone. reconnect them and the problem returns. I don't want to burn up my new hard drive. does anyone have any suggestions for me. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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Have you checked to see if it happens in Safe Mode?

What light flashes, the Hard Drive or CD? If the CD/DVD is flashing once each second, that seems to be the way it might behave if it is playing something and accessing the media for more information.

Open Task Manager and leave it where you can watch what might be using CPU time. If you click on the top of the CPU column, it will list by highest usage.

There may be something running that is scanning your system for viruses, or indexing, but it is hard to even guess.

Just to clarify, it is the hard disk light that flashes. It also does it in safe mode.There is not to much activity on the cpu while playing games. And I'm fairlysure that there are no anti-virus type of program running.


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If you do not see anything that is taking the time, we will have to go another route. Does this activity continue all the time or are there periods when it is worse?

One trouble shooting technique is to open msconfig.exe and go to the services tab. Check Hide all Microsoft services then disable the rest. Reboot and see if anything changes.

An alternative might be to use Msconfig and open to the General tab. Click on Selective startup and check either Load system services or Load startup items. If the problem goes away, that means it is being caused by the one you left unchecked.

What anti-virus programs have you run so far?

I tried what you suggested but it didn't help. I'm running Avira Antivir as mu antivirus. I have also ran Super anti spyware,hijackthis, Malwarebytes, and CCleaner. I noticed yesterday that when i tried to take a disk out of my dvd drive, it was still spinning when the tray cameout. So I installed a nother dvd drive and the H.D. light is still flashing but a lot dimmer. I tries a third dvd drive with the same results, dim but still flashing.

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