Games will not Install

Hi their im currently having a problem installing my PC games on Windows 7 ultimate 64bit Everytime i click on the Install the splash Scrren Appears then it says loading installation then after that Nothing ? The Game is Battlefield 2142 Deluxe edition



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first of all to advise,

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are u instllaing this from CD?

also have you tried to reboot

are u the main administrator

Sorry I'm New to the forums

Yes i am Installing it with a CD and i have rebooted And i am running it as administrator it was installing Before the first day i go it but when it got a quarter of the way installing then it said Battlefield 2142 failed to install Restart from the beginning then someone told me to Delete Bf 2142 in every folder and registry entries and now this happens


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im not having a go at you lol.... i juust dont want your posts removed or told off by a mod etc.. :)

the folder would be in c:/program files

use a reg cleaner like ccleaner there is a registry cleaner within the progfram

tried that install wont even run just the same thing and

Edit: when i try to uninstall BF 2142 this happens Error.jpg

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run task manager

look in the process option for the process, click end process

sometimes it will say setup.exe

or BT2124.exe something relating to the game, if there is any just end task or by restarting the pc does the same


i would be patient with it... sometimes i have had games install a little bit longer than other when it appers not to be loading but does eventually

i would restart the pc, click install and leave it for 15 mins to run on it own and see if it doe any thing,

the game i believe also isnt a small game

the Process Battlefield 2142 Keeps Changing names one moment it would be setB17A.tmp then it would be set29A5.tmp then it would be set305A.tmp
i can't end process it Disappears after the splash Screen Disappears


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ok plan of acton :D

u ready/?

start pc in safe mode ( when pc is turning on , hold F8, select safe mode )

install the game in safe mode in the same directory as the game is now

then try and uninstall the game through add and remove programs,

delete the folder too in my documents

try runnning ccleaner again to clean the registry, or you can try and registry cleaner alone which is called funnily enough "RegCleaner" dlete any registry entries for this

LET ME NO HOW IT GOES, you might be a very happy member :)

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Is this game compatible with Windows 7 64 bit?

Nope didn't Work Still the exact same Thing :( and No Joe its not but other people who play this game can play with Windows 7 Easily i tried To reinstall it on an another account in safemode and it came up with This error if you scroll up and look at the picture i sent but that was when i was trying to uninstall it


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as if!

have u run the registry cleaner?

deted the folders in C:/

and my docs?

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Two more things to try. Try shutting off AV this can cause problems. Try installing this in compatibility mode for XP.

Yeah it was when i deleted the Battlefield 2142 Registry entries this started happening


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you still must have some files left over

check the C:/progrma files/ EA

and dete the lot

if you have delted the files, and deleted the reg entries there is no reason why this would happen

re install to a diff location so if its c:program files/ea

just add ea again c:/program files/ea/ea

i have Deleted Everything But BF 2142 is still on my Add or Remove Programs and everytime i try to uninstall it this Happens Error.jpg


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its trying to uninstall something that no longer exists, u deleted the files from thr c:

try installing it

Thats is the problem i am having i cannot install this anymore since i deleted Battlefield 2142 in every folder and in the registry i try to install it the the splash Screen appears then after that nothing


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have u rebooted since u deleted the reg and files?

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