Games Won't Start :(

hello, sorry complete computer noob here so please bear with me also english is not my first language so pardon in advance

i have installed a few games after i installed my windows 7 some of them run fine (starcraft, the sims) while others "crash" (age of empires, and the most weird thing too is that the normal sims run fine but if i install the expansion packs it doesn't start anymore), what do i mean by crash? when you start them, they don't start, 1-2 seconds later this appears:


i've been searching the web for days and have tried some solutions that have been posted like the compatibility mode, data execution prevention and re-installing the games. i've never experienced this problem back when my computer was just windows xp so i don't know what to do. please help me.

these are photos of my system info and directx diagnostic

systeminfo.png directxdia.png directxdis.png

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