Gaming and Video Lag / choppyness.

Hi everyone,

First of all i apologise if this is in the wrong forum, this problem is a mix of a few sections and software seemed the best place to put, please move if this is not the case.

Now to the problem, anytime i play youtube videos or play games, i get a lot of choppy playback and bad FPS. For example on youtube the video will be fully loaded, and the video will play fine, then every 10 seconds or so, it will freeze and skip 1-3 seconds and quickly go through it, very annoying.

Gaming wise its similar, previous games that worked on XP i have had difficulty playing windows 7, the game will give extremely low fps, choppy input and make my entire session unstable (cant alt tab out, slow response on other windows).

My problem i guess is my video card, im using a laptop and my graphics card (geforce go 7950GTX) is no longer supported and wont get windows 7 drivers (for a card thats less than 3 years old thats mighty frustrating) however the drivers on the windows update screen allow functionality.

I figure the fact my graphics card is recognise atm as some completely different model is the source of the problem, but apart from that i have no idea.

I have removed a lot of windows 7 junk (aero, gadgets, several services turned off) in an effort to improve performance but no luck.

If anyone has any ideas on whats causing this, i would love to know, its incredibly frustrating. I was unsure whether to buy windows 7 or just stick with XP after the state of vista, and im regretting installing it now.

thanks a bunch.


I am somewhat experiencing the same problem. When I was using XP a few weeks ago, I only get that choppyness lag when on youtube or any other site that uses flash player (watching videos for example). And the same thing happens..probably skip 1-3 seconds every 15-20 seconds or something. Its definitely annoying, but wasn't an issue for me when gaming (or maybe it was but hardly noticeable).

It also randomly happens when i'm typing in the search bar in a browser or wherever else. I guess it seems to do it everywhere I navigate, but hardly noticeable in games.

Anyway, just upgraded to windows 7 and I love it...Although, i'm still getting weird choppyness when viewing videos on youtube or wherever. This time, everything plays straight forward without the 1-3 second lag, but you can tell its not playing smoothly as it did on XP. watching .avi videos on my comp is fine though..but to compare speeds, opening up big graphic applications such as photoshop or 3ds max, took a while to load in windows 7 compared to XP. I have a feeling this may be a graphic issue..but not sure what to do besides updating to the latest driver.

So i'm not sure what to do either..Its not a big bothersome deal, but would like to get everything running smoothly at its normal speed. If anyone has any suggestions, please tell!!

here are my system specs:

AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core Processor 2.2GHZ
ASUS M3A ATX AM2+ AMD 770 DDR2 PCI-E16 2PCI-E1 3PCI SATA2 RAID Sound Motherboard
4 gigs of RAM
Radeon HD 3870 512MB PCI-E (latest cataylst driver 9.1 or something like that)
Windows 7 Ultimate Retail 64 bit
Western digital Caviar Black 500 gig hard drive (C: drive)


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