Gary Faulkner, 'American Rambo' Bin Laden Hunter: Insane or Hero? All?

How do you classify the Bin Laden Hunter?

  • A hero for trying kill the 9/11 mastermind

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  • Insane for going to Pakistan with a 40 inch sword.

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  • Both - His madness allows him to attempt the mission

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  • Neither - He is simply misguided on his journey

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The "Bin Laden Hunter" was arrested in the mountainous regions of Pakistan with a 40 inch sword, a pistol, and night vision goggles. He was deported by Pakistani authorities. His goal: to hunt and capture Osama Bin Laden. Like Bin Laden, he is also on dialysis.

Is he insane?

Faulkner says he was close to capturing Bin Laden until Pakistani authorities thwarted his attempt. However, he now claims that making the rounds of daytime and nighttime television are simply a way for him to announce his battle of the ages with Bin Laden. Is this guy nuts, or he is a hero like the world has never been before?

Interesting, Faulkner on a FOX News interview proclaimed that the government never does enough, including with the Gulf Oil Spill. He was then immediately cut off by the interviewer and the interview was abruptly ended.

Earlier today, 90,000 pages of classified documents were released by documenting the War in Afghanistan. The reports were sent to the New York Times and other news agencies, and seem to suggest that Pakistan may be protecting Osama Bin Laden, even though the US sends them $1B dollars a year in aid.

Is there a good reason that "The American Rambo" was deported from the mountains of Pakistan?

Either way, this guy is quite an anomaly!

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The difference between a hero and a normal person , could be the wish to live . The hero gives up the wish to survive in some heroic action . The normal person may perceive that action as foolhardy and reckless .
The WikiLeaks are revealing actualities that are to say the least embarrassing . Lies and more lies would seem to be the order of the day . One cover up after the other !
If found to be true .


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I like your philosophy, whoosh. I wonder what others think, too.

I don't think that he is the most intelligent man for doing what he did - but he shows aspects of selflessness if the stories of his exploits are true. You don't need to be a genius to perform a courageous act. I am torn about what he did - especially being from NY. If his story is true, then he really did put himself in harms way trying to do the right thing. And that very well may make him a hero, no matter how much the media puts a spin on it. I can't imagine myself or anyone I know doing what he did. The conclusion, I think, that most people would make, is that they would very easily be killed or never find a way home. I think that his story is extremely interesting. It is almost as if this one man finally had enough, and had to do something about this tragedy. That is why I can't vote for the poll I created - I'm not sure its right to judge someone like Gary. What a story that is though, hmm? If his story is true, its pretty damn amazing.

What is interesting about him are a few things I've observed:

His mannerisms are different than most people, but they don't seem offensive
He speaks differently than most people expect from someone who did what he tried to do
He openly admits to having a criminal background in his past, but wants to use it to capture OBL
I guess extraordinary people have a tendency to take extraordinary measures?

Either way no matter how irrational he may be, he did something no one else has dared to try to do on their own, as a civilian. Maybe he is a hero like you say.

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