Gateway Laptop has problems when waking from sleep

I have a Gateway T-1616 laptop. it cam with Vista 32bit. I ran the upgrade advisor on it, and it said all would be well running Windows 7 64 bit. I did a clean install. It works great except for one thing. Whenever it goes to sleep, upon wake-up, it says I have no sound installed, but it has sound, also my USB mouse does not work, although clicking it woke it up in the first place.:confused: If I restart it, everything is fine again. If I never let it sleep, all is well too. I have not hooked any other USB device up to see if it would also not work, to know if it is a problem with the mouse, or USB root hub. I have all available drivers for everything, and Windows says they are the best drivers for it when I check in Device Properties. Not sure wht the deal is. It never did it on Vista.


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There is a utility you can run that might help pin down the problem. Start an administrative command window and type:

powercfg -energy

Watch where it puts the report before you close the window. There are other powercfg options, so perhaps type :

powercfg -help to see others in case anything else might help. There may be sleep options that would keep the USB hub awake, but I do not remember.

OK. I figured out I need a / instead of a - between the words. Also finally figured out I need to run the command prompt as the adminstrator. I did the test, but have no idea what to do with it. Is there some kind of log that would show any errors last time it went to sleep? This just ran some tests now and told me I have the thing set up to use too much power. That is because I disabled any kind of low power or sleep so it would not do what it was doing.

I know how to use a lot of programs, video editing, photoshop, etc, I wish I could just have an OS that just worked :) I do not want to have to mess with it all the time.

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An administrative command window means right click on command prompt and select run as admin. If it doesn't say Administrator: at the top, it isn't the right one.

I edited my last comment. Should have finished messing before I typed :)


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See, I told you to watch where it put it.....;)

Look in the Windows\System32 for a "energy-report.html"

It may show areas where you might have a problem, or it may not...



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Most of these comments mention when "Plugged in". Is the performance different is plugged in or on battery?

It seems you have the Wireless at full power when on battery, since I do not have a laptop, I can't check but this might be a problem.

Check farther down in the yellow areas.

It is a laptop, but spends 99% of the time plugged in. I used it for my business for a year or so, but now I don't so it is pretty much never unplugged. I am not sure what the problem would be. I guess I will just restart it if needed. One nice thing about 7 compare to Vista, it starts in half the time.

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